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Living Room

Living Room


  • Living rooms are probably one of the most used and multipurpose rooms in a house. This space typically has to serve as a place to corral kids toys, watch TV, work and entertain. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look good while doing all that. Keeping things simple, sturdy, and streamlined is the name of the game in this type of room
  • If you have a big living room it is very important to place the furniture correctly. Try laying the room out with a couple of separate seating areas, maybe one for TV viewing, with two large sofas, and another for reading, consisting of four comfy chairs facing one another. A small casual table in a corner can serve as a place to sit down for a snack or play a game. Make sure your furniture reflects the scale of the room. Lots of teeny-tiny furniture will make the room feel busy.

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